Ditcheat Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton and
Upton Noble C of E VC Primary Schools

Curriculum Intent



At Ditcheat Primary School, the term curriculum does not just refer to the lessons and academic content taught but instead to the complete experience had by our children. It is the values that they learn, the clubs they attend, the relationships they develop, the knowledge and skills they learn that go to making them ready for the next stage in their lives.



Knowledge, skills and understanding

A curriculum of sequenced progression of skills and knowledge based on the children’s current starting points with opportunities to put things into practice.

A curriculum that focusses on reading and vocabulary to allow equity for all to enable all children to access a full curriculum.

Developing the whole child

A curriculum underpinned by our school learning behaviours which strengthens a belief in children’s own abilities.


Teachers as learners

To develop a culture of good subject knowledge where there is ongoing learning and sharing of good practice amongst staff.



A curriculum that builds a foundation for children to understand, respect and value the world and their place in it while building positive attitudes.



A broad curriculum which provokes curiosity and is ambitious, challenging and inspiring while deepening understanding and enabling transferable connections across learning.

An enriched curriculum that inspires life-long learning.



To evaluate and adapt the curriculum to the needs of the children in our ever changing world.